Bumper Ball

Bumperball is another game that I created for a client. It took me more than two months to complete this game. The game has unlockables, ads, shop and everything that modern mobile game has. It’s very well optimized game for business purposes.


Work done was perfect and an extensive support given by Darko all through out the project. Great work. – Kasi Rani


Download Links: iOS

Created on: 11.30.2016

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Darko Tomić
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Darko Tomić is a content writer at www.tomicz.com who works as a software and game developer. An entrepreneur by profession, a gamer in a heart. Loves to write about IT development and helping developers with their issues.
Besides his knowledge in IT area, he loves to write content about philosophy for developers because if a person wants to become a great developer, also has to be a great person.