Captain Balls

My first commercial project that I did for a client on Upwork. It took a month to develop. The game has custom graphics and gameplay mechanics.


Darko is really a great person, he is very quick at completing his task. He speaks very good English, like a native. His skills helped me to achieve my life dream, to build my game. I would recommend this person! – Artan Gervalla


Download Links: Android

Created on: 05.31.2015

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Darko Tomić
Freelance Game Developer and Content Writer at TOMICZ
Darko Tomić is a content writer at who works as a software and game developer. An entrepreneur by profession, a gamer in a heart. Loves to write about IT development and helping developers with their issues.
Besides his knowledge in IT area, he loves to write content about philosophy for developers because if a person wants to become a great developer, also has to be a great person.