Motivation is overrated, start doing work!

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Do what you love is a suggestion that you heard million times by now. This is true, but most of the time it’s not.  Or some will tell you that you need the motivation to do something in your life, which is also not true. Most people actually choose to do what they love, but most of them still give up. Why is this happening? It’s because most people don’t understand the true value of hard work. Let’s say even if you chose to do something you actually really love, you will still encounter things that you don’t like and this is the area where most people give up. No matter how motivated you are or how many “smart” quotes you read on Twitter – Facebook – Instagram it will never help you to finish your plans.

Follow the right people 

I remember when I started doing creative work I used to spend a lot of my time on watching motivational videos on YouTube, instead of putting actual work. I saw no progress and I realized something needs to change. I ditched books like 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and stopped following people like Tai Lopez and Robert Kiyosaki. I searched for new content that can help me improve my productivity and I found Patrick Bet-David and Gary Vaynerchuk who taught me the real value of discipline and hard work. These guys talk a lot about discipline and it’s the only thing that made them where they are today. They are very active on social media, they give original content and millions follow them and find them influential. Also, I am not saying that Tai  Lopez, Tim Ferriss or Robert Kiyosaki are bad people, they are smart too, but the way they teach sounds very easy and it’s counterproductive for creative people.

Don’t fall into a motivation trap 

This is the most common mistake that most people will make. I personally love to call it “motivation trap”. They heard somewhere that you need to be really motivated to finish something which is not true. Let me explain what is motivation and what it does to you.

Motivation is a mental state, that comes and disappears it does not stay for long. It usually strikes when you have a new idea, that you think is good. But what happens when motivation disappears? At that stage people cool off and they start thinking that this is not what they wanted and they stop doing what they started I bet this happened to all of you that are reading this, but you don’t have to worry, every person has gone through this. All you have to do is to become aware of this problem and work on it.

What you can do about it 

This is simpler than you think it is, everything that you have to do is to start creating. This is called discipline and this is what you should stick to. There is no way around it, you really must put hard work first, then everything else. Whenever you see a popular person on social media, you have to understand that they are not there because they are lucky, but because they worked really hard to get there. Just try to observe them and you will realize how they sacrificed themselves and you will appreciate them more.

In order to make this work, start changing your habits. Don’t wait Monday or some special date to start new habits, start now, start tomorrow, do not wait! People who wait usually don’t make it and they only look for excuses or blame other people. Make a schedule, organize your day into sections. Wake up early, 6 AM and start working. Work weekends too! There is nothing wrong with working on weekends, with this tactic you will out perform and out work all your competitors because they are not ready to make a sacrifice.


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  1. I agree in principle with the notion of just getting at it (work). Grinding through a project (working hard) whether it’s ultimately one of great import or not to your business, has its own benefit -that is simply of a goal met. The satisfaction you get from that achievement is not only the basis for continual success in business, but a much happier life; with the caveat that you need a balance between you work and family life. I find I work hard because I want the satisfaction of goals met; its for me an addiction. However I’m single. 😉

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