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I believe there are many of you who wanted to learn to program or always had a wish, but you didn’t know how. I consider that a year is enough to learn to program. After that time you will not become experts, but you will come to a junior position, which is enough to get a job – if that is what you want. If you don’t make it in a corporative world, you can always go freelance and work for who you want and how much you want. In these few steps, I will explain what you can do and not to do.

How strong computer do I need to have in order to become a programmer

When I started with programming I owned P4 processor (very old Intel processor from 2006), which performed all tasks that I put on him. Of course, it’s desirable if you have a newer computer, but it’s not necessary if you are not able to buy a new one. The Strong computer comes only in a case if you want to build complex 3D games, which can cost you few thousands of dollars. In general, you don’t need investment by your current computer.

Which program language I should choose?

As you can see from the question, there are many programming languages which you can use to program with. According to what you want to do. You can program mobile applications, web pages, robots, video games, virtual reality, desktop applications are one of the most popular. Even if you pick the wrong one, don’t panic, you can later choose another one and because of previous experience, the second language will be a lot easier to learn. Also, by knowing more languages your chance to get a job will be bigger.

What programming language is the best?

Beginners always ask this question and the answer is easy, the best language does not exist! The only languages that exist are the one that you can benefit from. It is very important to note that languages that you use for the web may not apply for game development.

There are languages that you should avoid and some of them are Basic, Pascal, C and similar languages. I can see many people on forums recommend these languages, but trust me these languages are barely used today and you will find work harder or not find it at all. Usually, people who recommend languages like these learned them like 20-30 years ago and these are languages that they are familiar the most with. These languages are not recommended for professional use.

Must I have a college degree to get a job?

You don’t. Most employers will ask what you know to do and he will ask you for the portfolio. The college has advantages with internships, while it’s very hard to get an internship position in a company without College Degree. So, in order to get a job, you will need a portfolio with few finished projects. I work as a freelancer for 3 years and most of the time I was not asked for CV, they only asked me to share portfolio.

Personally, I am against going to college, when you think about it, it’s better to study programming for one year than spend time in school for four years. And in the end, you will still need to learn to program, because they didn’t teach you enough in college. The material in college is usually too broad that you will not be able to focus only on programming. This is only my opinion, you can leave your opinion down in comments.

How to learn programming properly?

Start now, do not wait Monday, first of January or some specific date, just start. If you start now you will be thankful to yourself younger, because you did a great decision a year ago.

The best way to learn how to program is to start with a project that you really love to do. Take care that you do not start with a big application because that way you can lose motivation to keep going when you realize how much still have to learn. For beginners, it’s recommended to build something very small like HTML site, calculator or a game like a ping pong.

The best sources are YouTube and Udemy, there are much more, but these are some of the most popular. If you are a person that loves to explore on its own, then YouTube is the best choice for you. But if you hate to search for learning content, you can buy courses for very cheap on Udemy.

Use Google! A programmer that does not use Google is not a programmer. Of course, by using Google I don’t mean that you can copy code from Google, instead, you can learn new stuff using google or using code examples to help you will your code. “Programmers” that copy code from google is called “Hackers” or “Code Monkeys”. They usually fail to build applications or get a job as a developer.

Will I really learn to program in a year?

This question depends mostly on you, how much are you willing to sacrifice to learn it? If you are one of those guys that want to do this as a side job, two hours in a week, then programming is not for you. It’s necessary to practice very day, especially in the beginning because everything that you learn you can forget easily. In order to become a programmer you must have a specific mindset and it’s true that not everyone can learn how to program. It’s very realistic that you will learn to program in a year, but only if you practice every single day. And it’s very important to take this seriously as this might be your next career and it can change your life.



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