Improve collision in your video games

I am going to share a tip how you can improve the look of your game by 100%. When I started out as a game developer I thought that I only need to create assets and that would be everything. But when I merged all the assets together I noticed that something is missing in my game. It didn’t take me too long to realize what is missing. I was missing effects that make your game more polished. Even if your game is too simple like this red ball game, it will still look 100 percent better.

This is what we are going to do. 

Before we begin let’s compare before and after.









Do you get the point? That’s exactly what we are going to do in this tutorial.

Let’s start!

This is what your game would look like (let’s say that you are creating the same game as I do) and this is the biggest mistake most new developers make. They do not add any effects to their games. Why is this wrong? Well, because the ball is falling but nothing happens, so the player cannot be sure if that is a ball or some alien object that cannot be affected by gravity.

Let’s try to improve it. This time we are going to add a squash. This effect is going to make the fall more realistic. In your code you make the ball change its size (make it smaller by half) vertically when it hit’s the object. After 0.05 seconds you can revert the ball to its original size. This is what it’s going to look like.

Do you think this looks better? Let’s make it, even more, better. We can change ball color to a darker color when it collides with the object. The ball is going to look like it’s affected by the fall.

Can we improve this more? Of course, we do! I don’t know if you noticed, but there is still something missing. Our game does not yet look more realistic. Imagine you are falling from the sky and you land on to water, what would happen? Would water stay the same or it would splash? In our case, the flying grass ground is not going to splash as it’s not water, but something has to happen to it, it just can’t stay like nothing is happening. We can add an animation to the ground, look what happens!

Now, it looks a lot better! We will still add one more thing. Let’s add an effect that makes the ground like it’s really hit hard.

This is what it looks in the real game (Sorry for the slow GIF file, if you are interested in testing the game out and seeing it yourself, you can download it here).


I hope this will improve your game. You can use these tips in all of your games. It doesn’t have to be a Red Ball game. Also, sounds! I wish I could add a sound it would look and sound much better.

We could add more effects, but I let you use your imagination. You can go to your Game Engine and start practicing. If you have any questions you can hit me up on Instagram or Twitter. Or just leave a comment.

This game is available on the Play Store, download it if you want to see how it looks in the game.

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