How to overcome those who judge you

I want to share my experience how I had overcome a feeling of being judged by others for my doings. I solved this problem by understanding other people mindset. Not every person in this world thinks the same way, different people react differently to different things.

In this article, I am going to talk about my experiences and I hope it will help you too. I personally was always judged by other people as I was always different. If you are going through the same as I did, then you are going to enjoy this article. Below I will talk about few points that I realized by observing this issue.

Stop judging

Yes, you are a person who does this too, you can lie that you don’t, but I know you do! If you really want to feel less judged, then you must stop doing it. No matter what your background is, you are the person that judges people too. You must understand that you are not special or better than most people on this subject. Every person in this world judge, that is just our human nature.

You can’t prevent other people from judging you, but you can become a person that does stop judging. If you do this, you will become a much better person. When you see a person doing something, don’t react instantly, but start to think. Ask yourself few questions. Why is this person doing that? Is that bad or good? Am I jealous of that person? Is that person better at something than I? Does a person own more money than I? You might just be jealous and you react instead of think. Start to appreciate those who are better and also learn from them, don’t judge them.

Why do people judge?

Most people are not aware that they judge, they are totally okay with it. But they freak out when somebody else is judging them. Just by observing yourself, you can understand why people judge. You must ask yourself this question and you will have an answer. Most of the time it is jealousy or they want to feel better about themselves. Some people are just better at something, so you must learn how to deal with it. Just become aware of it and that will help you a lot. Once you become aware of this issue, then you will understand why people judge.

Smart people don’t judge

If you want to feel better while you are reading this, you must know that most smart people don’t judge. Many of them will actually encourage you to keep doing whatever you are doing. And they do this because they all went through this phase.

Now when you realized this, now you know that those who are judging you are most of the time people who are not very happy with their lives. They will try to put people down to their level, just to feel better, but that is only temporarily, after a very short period they will go back again to their negative, depressive mode. The only bad thing about this is that smart people are a minority, so you will be left mostly with those who are judgers. And not only that, there are many smart people that judge too, but most of the time they don’t.

Not everyone is judging you

Let’s say you are a bit overweight and you go to the gym for the first time, looking to improve yourself. You see a very muscular guy at the gym and now you instantly thinking that he is judging you on your physics. Let me tell you, you don’t know that. You just can’t know what someone is thinking of you. There are many people who do not care, they are just doing what they are doing and that is their mantra. So my point here is, stop thinking that everybody is judging you. Yes, I said above that most people judge, which is true, but if you keep thinking or giving too much attention to it, it can ruin your mental health.

Judging is not worth time

My advice to you is to start doing things and not thinking what other think of you. Instead of thinking about this issue for an hour or even days, you can spend that time on doing things that are good for you. Become a productive person, start finishing things that you started, help others to achieve their dreams and don’t forget to inspire.

Don’t ask for appreciation before you deserve it

Did you ever heard a story of a successful person that says that everyone hated him or her, but once they become successful, everyone started loving them? Some of you will tell that this is unfair, if someone is going to love you when you are successful, then they should love you when you are not successful. I know that you’d love this to work like that, but life is not fair and this is how it works. If you want to become good at something don’t ask people to love you, earn it!

You will be judged forever

You can become the best tennis player in the world, the best basketball player in the world, land on the moon, there are going to be people who will judge you forever. Do not try to satisfy every person on the planet because you can’t. Let me give you some successful names that are hated, but still very successful.

  • Justin Bieber – successful singer
  • Kanye West – successful rapper
  • Donald Trump – president of the United States
  • Novak Djokovic – 12 Grand Slam champion, one of the best tennis players ever

What do they have in common? They are hated, but very successful. If they gave up on the first bad comment about them, they would give up a long time ago. They know that people think before they react, they know this very well and that is why they are successful. Hating these people will not improve your life to better, you are becoming depressed for no reason.

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