About Me


Darko Tomic – C# Unity Game Developer (Programmer)

I am an experienced self-taught Unity Game Developer. I was born and currently live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, southern Europe. I have over three years of experience in software and game development.


Work Experience

I worked for Mega Cat Studios as a contractor for 6 months where I gained necessary skills to develop games in a professional environment. I worked in a team with great people, from artists, sound engineers to programmers and game designers. My job was to port old console games to modern devices like PC, Android, iOS and ps4/xbox consoles. I helped the team in two games that went great in sales and Kickstarter.

Besides working for Mega Cat Studios I have developed 5 fully finished and polished games for mobiles. Finishing 5 games introduced me to game development and enabled me to work on complicated projects. Proudly I can say that today I am a highly experienced developer who can meet deadlines and work under pressure. My strongest point is finishing, I am never a person who will give up on mid-project. I can assure you that your game will be finished under the deadline.


  • C#
  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • Photoshop
  • Swift
  • Xcode

Strongest Points

  • Hard Worker
  • Finisher
  • Swift
  • Communicative
  • Team Player
  • Availability

Service Pricing

The Minimal rate is 20$/h for USA clients or 20e/h for European clients. A lower price can be negotiated only if you can prove to me that your product has a value and if you are a believer in yourself and you think your project has a market potential then we can work on rev-share (plus negotiated price).